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      I'm sorry that I shipped you the wrong stuff! Please contact customer service by using the Contact Seller link and send us your order number, name and email address. We will need to provide you with a Return Authorization Number for your return. Returns will be inspected to insure that they are in NEW and UNUSED condition. Please Note: All incorrect returns must be returned to our warehouse within 14 days of receiving the return authorization number. Sorry for the inconvenience!
      Ok, I will admit that photography is not my strong suit! In order to get new products up and available to you as fast as possible, I use stock photo's for many of our products. Always go with the description!!!
      Here's the deal ... we all make mistakes, change our mind, whatever ... me especially! While I would love to accommodate requests to fill orders with items other than the item described in the auction, it causes complete havoc as my inventory turns quickly! I do my best to maintain the integrity of the ebay marketplace, and fill orders with the exact item won. Here are some options: If the auction has not closed yet, you can retract your own bid by clicking on this link: http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?RetractBidShow If the auction has closed, you have not made payment yet and you do not wish to purchase the item, I can send you a cancellation fee to cover the listing and sellers fees we paid for the item, and we will cancel the auction for you, and you can bid on what you really want.  
      All of our listings clearly state if a headcover is included. You will see 'Headcover: Included' in the product description field of the listing.  If you do not see the above, then a headcover does not come with the club.
      In order to get your items to you as quickly as possible, our shipping process is completely automated.   Once we receive your payment, the packing process begins and your order is placed on our shipping carrier?s truck shortly thereafter.  Therefore, once we receive your payment, we simply cannot add, subtract, change or cancel your order.